Architektonický ateliér a inženýring / Design studio of architecture and engineering

RUSTICUS, s. r. o.

Úzká 317
742 58 Příbor

+420 777 289 525



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22 years of experiences = benefit to our clients

The goal of our design studio, that was founded in 1996, is satisfied customer. Our expert team can make for our clients all kinds of projects as concept study, planning and building permit design, joint permit design and execution design. Professionalism is guarranteed by dynamic team, which includes among others authorized architect with overall certificate and authorized engineer of civil construction.

We design buildings for living, industry, public amenities, technical infrastructure, interiors and restoration of monuments and historic buildings.

We provide all clients complete services up to ultimate goal of our collective effort - building (incl. occupancy /use/ permit).

We also carry out engineering, all projects are negotiated with related authorities to get all necessary standpoints and permissions.

Zoning documentation is also very important part of our activity, e.g. zoning plans, zoning studies and urban planning concepts.


In 2015 we completed for Korean investor design for construction "Extension of production...
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